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Hi, I’m Hugh.

I am not a millionaire. I am not a high flying executive and I probably wouldn’t call myself an ‘entrepreneur’. But I do alright for myself. I have spent the last decade in professional services and sales. Within that, I’ve founded two companies, one community initiative, and have been involved in a number of start up projects.

More importantly though, I’ve f### up. A lot. Seriously, I’ve spent the last ten years feeling like a complete nit-wit, absolutely out of my depth muddling through projects, not always knowing where I am going.

Notwithstanding, with these experiences have…

Four lessons to help you thrive in and out of college.

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My brother and I are 11 years apart. At his 18th birthday I was giving some thought to the obligatory advice everyone feels the need to give at this type of occasion. Reflecting on my relatively short time as an “adult” there were 4 things I wish I had-of-known at his age. Four things, which, when used appropriately will assist you immensely in developing as a young adult and professional. They were…

Rule 1 — Bet on your strengths

One thing I don’t believe we do well enough is teach people to bet on their strengths…

My experience ‘getting off’ it for good!

Main sits in darkness, light of phone illuminates his face.
Main sits in darkness, light of phone illuminates his face.
Image by KristopherK

I’d be willing to bet that my first exposure to pornographic material was much like that of many other men born circa 1990. That secretive bag you find stashed under a bed, or behind the cabinet, with an alluring cache of magazines and VCR’s. I know you remember the ones; Hustler, Penthouse and Play-Boy, and perhaps some more ‘risque’ titles. If you could snag some time alone you might just sneak a peek and hope to God you weren’t caught!

But fast forward a decade or two and the landscape has completely changed…

A short reflection.

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Two months ago I began using Sam Harris’s App, Waking Up. This app is one of a plethora of meditation applications currently available on the market. I can’t say I have tried any others, however, I have experimented with some guided tutorials on YouTube. From all accounts this app blows the competition out of the water! Well… My gut says that is probably correct.

The app provides very clear, short, guided meditations, which can be practiced daily, along with lessons which can be taken in any order or pace. Some have argued that Sam has a tendency…

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Humans are inherently motivated by progress. Each step forward gives us a little burst of dopamine and motivation to continue the next. Unfortunately, when we are undertaking a weight loss journey it can be difficult to gauge accurately our progress; at least day to day. Sometimes, at the end of a long week, you can’t see any difference and the question of “is it really worth it?” continues to nag at your psyche…

The reasons for this are two fold:

  1. Fat loss is slow. It takes time to breakdown and remove fat. Over a week, you may only loose a…

Hugh McMillan

Always curious. Sales professional. Science & philosophy nerd.

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